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Aqua Elliptica (Walk on Water) Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board is a truly unique catamaran water sports/recreation and exercise craft that allows it to be interchangeable and transforms into different water sports from one basic innovative structure.




A Magical Adventure Across the Water.


Our vision was to create a new product for both leisure and sport, not yet seen on the market incorporating the benefits of a cardiovascular low impact cross training workout with the joy of nature, and the thrill of the fastest growing water sport - SUP.



We call it



We are developing an awesome new product for outdoor leisure, resort, sport, and recreational activity, physical rehabilitation, or just transportation to travel across water not yet seen on the market.  The Aqua Elliptica incorporates the benefits of a full body cardiovascular low impact cross training workout with the joy of nature, and the thrill of the fastest growing water sport worldwide, - the SUP. 


This hybrid SUP, Aqua Elliptica will allow millions of people around the world, young and old, fit and not so physically fit, the ability to enjoy  the fun, sun, nature, and the outdoors, with this safe, exciting and new innovative way to experience a Walk-on-Water

Aqua Elliptica can be used on any open water - rivers, lakes, lagoons, marinas, bays, canals, and even the mild ocean surf.  Use for exercise and fitness, (think gym on the water) or just take a stroll and glide or tour past areas of interest.    Walk-on-Water Aqua Elliptica is for anyone - from everyday people, to sports enthusiasts, and even  those with arthritis, health and joint problems.  


The patented Aqua Elliptica is a unique modular style catamaran that has been designed with safety and technology in mind.  It has the ability to be interchangeable and can transform into three different watersports.  Aqua Elliptica is eco-friendly, portable, and easy to assemble and dissemble for transport and storage.

Designed with both aeronautical and nautical engineering (our inventor was a pilot), this human powered elliptical watersport craft incorporates various design features built to be strong and stable, and difficult to flip.  The concept starts with the floats of two pontoons which provide a steady platform and an anodized aluminum frame. The steering device handles are connected to the rudder via a flexible drive shaft and differential gear system.  There are interconnected dual peddling action at the arms and legs with non-slip foot pedals.  Halting the peddling action provides braking and hydrodynamic drag action.  With the Venturi propulsion system and combined retractable propeller, it can go up to speeds of 7 nautical miles (10 mph). 


Join the new generation of water fun sports. Walk-on-Water with Aqua Elliptica - the new hybrid SUP!







14431 Ventura Blvd, #565

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tel: (818) 697-1300 / PR (818) 422-4007






  • Personal Consumer Use

  • Hotel & Commercial Tourism Business for Hourly or Daily Rental

  • Rehabilative Therapy Market

  • Outdoor Water Gym for Exercise




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According to the Outdoor Industry Association over 146 million Americans participate in outdoor sports in their daily lives and $125 billion is spent on equipment and accessories for these sports.  The water sports industry which includes recreational watercraft such as kayaks, rowboats, canoes, surf, and stand up paddle, accounts for $30 billion of that revenue.  According to the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, although virtually unknown ten years ago, Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing sport of all water sports which reached sales of over $7.2 billion dollars. 


According to the Sports and Fitness Association, Americans spend more than $5 billion on indoor exercise equipment and the top three categories for sales are elliptical machines, exercise bicycles, and treadmills. The elliptical machine has evolved in the past few years and moved from being stationary in the gym to becoming more mobile and now adapted for outdoors use. 


Aerobic activity, specifically AQUATIC EXERCISE, jumped 14.6% in 2017. 


Aqua Elliptical is the only one of its kind, a revolutionary catamaran watersports craft which is a combination of these two very popular sports and equipment.  There is no other competitive landscape.

AquaElliptica Sunset direct_edited
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